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Tiny dungeons on your phone, done well

'BlockQuest': Crossy Road's isometric retro graphics meet timed dungeon runs

Since Crossy Road took mobile devices by storm, every developer seems intent on copying its success. Largely by copying its cute isometric retro visual approach and grafting it onto other genres. Even Crossy Road's makers are at it – Shooty Skies applies the same visual style to a "bullet hell" shoot-em-up arcade game. With BlockQuest, as with The Quest Keeper, the genre is dungeon-bashing RPG.

And again, this turns out to be a fairly good, if derivative move.

BlockQuest at its heart is a fairly simple games, with Crossy Road-style simple controls. You simply tap the screen to keep on going in the direction you want to, or swipe to turn direction. Squaring up against dungeon monsters is simple, just tap into them and you'll hit. There are, of course, a few complications beyond this – but not so complex you can't tackle these two-minute dungeon bashes on a moving bus.

At the bottom of the screen is an equipment list – potions to heal, arrows etc. As well as a bird's-eye-view button that can help you navigate the more complex mazes towards their exit. And getting to that exit is the challenge – particularly doing so quickly, while snaffling up as much loot as you can.

At the top of the screen are two bars – blood and health. Health is eaten up by enemy combat, and replenished by potions; blood runs out on a timer, and is replenished either by killing enemies or finding pools of the red stuff in the maze. Run out of either and you're back to the start of the level.

BlockQuest - RPG dungeon bash meets Crossy RoadBy using the blood timer, BlockQuest ensures you need to keep moving, and moving fast, to clear levels. The game quickly becomes not about finding the exit, but doing short runs until you can work out the most efficient way through the levels – to snarf as much stuff as you can, and kill as many monsters as you can (each one giving you more precious time), while not depleting your health.

Once you've got the hang of the risk versus reward, repeat and perfect flow of BlockQuest, then the level design starts to shine through. They're short – ideal for a snatched minute – but they're varied. Some levels are linear runs to the end, others are complex mazes. Each group adds another layer to play.

Pleasing, fast-paced, varied and simple mobile fun. And, happily for a free game, the attempts to gouge cash out of you aren't too intrusive or unpleasantly game-breaking.


Snarf as much stuff as you can, and kill as many monsters as you can.


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